I was listening the album Redemption Songs by jars of clay this morning, I highly recommend if you have never been through it before.
Spotify: Redemption Song
But anyway the hymn I’ll Fly Away rolled into the currently playing spot. Now I have never been a big fan of this particular hymn, in fact I normally hit the skip button whenever this one begins assaulting my eardrums. But Jars of Clay does an exceptional and while playing this line caught my attention.
“When I die Hallelujah, by and by. I’ll fly away”
It occurred to me the song and particularly this part of the chorus is the writer rejoicing over the day he dies, he’s truly excited.

“When I die Hallelujah”

My initial feeling was this was kinda backwards, but I also thought I shouldn’t right? I mean Christ has conquered death, and death is the gateway by which we will be united with our bridegroom, so I should wholeheartedly rejoice that I will have a funeral one day. Fundamentally I suppose it comes from me failing to fully believe the gospel. We as Christians are not “supposed” to fear death, and while totally true, its hard at least for me personally not to view the day I die with apprehension. But thankfully Christ is merciful to this sinner and his attachment to this mortal coil. I do pray and hope that I can truly come to view death with the same joy that the writer of I’ll Fly Away does. When the day of my parlay with death arrives, I know with 100% certainty I can stand before a perfectly righteous and holy God and be justified, not because of me or how bravely I faced death. But because I believe in His son, who paid the ransom and conquered death. It’s His work, it’s the Gospel that lets me sing and truly believe “When I die Hallelujah, by and by. I’ll fly away.”