Probably as many people who know me come to find out I have an addiction to the $5 friday sales that Ligonier Ministries puts on. A while back while getting my friday fix I acquired a DVD on which was recorded the Linonier 2001 Holiness conference. The first up in their lineup was a segment preached by R.C. Sproul, and without re-preaching the sermon Sproul basically examined the Munus Triplex or the three offices that Christ held while he was about his earthly ministry. What caught my attention was the discussion of the husband and father as high priest to his family, Sproul noted that the husband has only himself to offer as a sacrifice to his family. While I was incredibly encouraged and inspired by the principle I was sort of at a loss to explain this in practical terms. After a couple days of thought, I guess the consensus I have reached in my mind is this, offering myself to my family is a transplanting my own wants and desires with the wants and desires of my wife and family. To use an OT perspective, I (more on the use of “I” here later) must cut out what I want place it on an altar and burn it, replacing it with a heart that prioritizes my wife and family above myself. To faithfully attempt to emulate the example of servant I am also called to follow in my marriage I feel like this is crucial. Christ provided not only an implicit but also a explicit example of this in that He supplanted His own will with the will of the Father. (While I realize the two I am comparing are not completely analogous I feel the principle still holds true.) And in choosing to use the word “I” earlier when describing the action I fully realize without Christ providing the strength to make that sacrifice daily, I will fail every time. So to close things out, this cutting out and burning in sacrifice is something I must be driven to by Christ daily, I can tell ya though, it ain’t gonna be easy to cut this selfish idolatrous heart out every day, but its gotta happen. So anywho, this was def my first blog post ever, hope it made sense, because it didn’t always to me. Good thing is either way, tomorrow is Friday, almost time for another fix!